Monthly Archives: August 2015

Today post

Hello, I’m am great it really sunny at VietNam. Theresa and pat is ok. I been palying pokemon and 1 chicken died at my house it fun and i just ate lunch. I wonder what are you doing at school. Remember say hi to Yazmin and to Mrs Smith to me.

My VietNam post

Hello I am in VietNam. I arrived yesterday 10:00. It was great and I almost vomited. I went to Singapore in a huge plane i ate a lot of food it was awesome i hugged my grandma, antie and uncles and siad hi to my cousins. I had a good sleep and my grandmas house and woke up because of the church gong. Then I ate my breakfast at 6:30. I played with my cousins and Theresa gave my a little banana it is smaller then Astralian bananas. It’s now 3:04 at VietNam.

Say hi to mrs Smith or Yazmin.


I hope you like this post.:)

Vietnam post

Hi guys I’m going to Vietnam. it 2 more weeks until 17/8/2015. I’m excited and Theresa, Patrick and I are going to explore Vietnam with our cousins. I’m also going to play on my 3DS and my dads IPad. I also think Pat not going to eat my grandma’s food. I’m only excited to see pigs. And Theresa excited so she can bash up my cousins and them bash us up. O yeah I will be back in on September the 5.

I hope you like this post.:)

P.S Pat going to miss EVERYONE at school and at home. 🙁

P.S Jacinta and my older brother is staying home when where gone.