Vietnam post

Hi guys I’m going to Vietnam. it 2 more weeks until 17/8/2015. I’m excited and Theresa, Patrick and I are going to explore Vietnam with our cousins. I’m also going to play on my 3DS and my dads IPad. I also think Pat not going to eat my grandma’s food. I’m only excited to see pigs. And Theresa excited so she can bash up my cousins and them bash us up. O yeah I will be back in on September the 5.

I hope you like this post.:)

P.S Pat going to miss EVERYONE at school and at home. 🙁

P.S Jacinta and my older brother is staying home when where gone.


3 thoughts on “Vietnam post

  1. Hi Viviana,
    That sounds fun. I have never been on a plane but I might go to London or something this year. I really want to go somewhere. I hope you have fun!
    From Lily 🙂

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