Monthly Archives: October 2015

Consent post.

It was really good, I don’t really have a favourite highlight about the consent but it was good. All the dances were funny. My older sister, older brother and my grandma were really proud of me. I was also Proud of my self because I did a lot of mistakes but I kept going. it was a amazing night.

I hope u like this post. 🙂

Birthday post

yesterday it was Theresa’s and I’s birthday we turned 12. I first went to the tulip festival it was fun. we took photos with our grandma and Pat wanted to go home so he can play on his IPhone. After we went to Puffin billy it was relaxing. we went all the way to Lake side. Theresa Patrick and I sat on the side Patrick everywhere. After we went home and we ate dinner and went to sleep.

I hope you like this post.